Factcheck.org needs a fact check?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:04 PM

I notice something wrong with "factcheck" right from the start of their article on not being able to trust either Bush or Kerry on who pays what in terms of taxes.

You have to watch "factcheck" because they are more interested in appearing unbiased rather than reporting the truth sometimes.

They claim that it is incorrect for Bush to say the upper 20% pay "about 80% of the taxes in America today." They cite the following two "facts":

1) Congressional Budget Office calculates that the top 20% now pay 63.5% of the total federal tax burden, which includes income taxes, payroll taxes and other federal levies.
2)It's true that the top 20% pays nearly 81% of all federal income taxes, but the president spoke more expansively of "taxes in America," not just income taxes.

However "factcheck" in typical "we have to seem even handed" fashion forgot to account for the fact that the upper 20% also buy more durable goods and spend a HECK of a lot more on state sales taxes and tariffs. Hmmmm. Factcheck.org seems to have forgotten that those are also part of the "tax burden". What are the numbers on the "total" taxes they pay? Hmmmm? Well, fact check seems to have conveniently not covered that topic while trying to appear to have covered that topic.

"Factcheck"? I think not. Generally good, but you have to watch them...just like everything else you read.

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