Here Come the NAZI Brownshirts!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:49 AM

Local 6 is reporting that a group of "protestors" (read people that idealize the tactics of Hitler, Stalin and other socialists/communists) ransacked the headquarters of the Bush/Cheney Campaign in Orlando. And it is only going to get worse between now and election day.

The brownshirts of the socialist movement which has infested the Democratic Party in America is growing more and more bold. There have already been two or three instances of these groups firing shots into Bush/Cheney headquarters without regard for human life, at least one break in where computer equipment was stolen and now this. Now they force their way onto private property and caused destruction to that property...just like good little socialists (i.e. what's yours is mine!).

Later it was discovered that many of these Brownshirts were from the AFL-CIO. Local 6 reports that a spokesperson for the AFL-CIO said "the Orlando protest did not go as planned." Uh huh. I would hazard to guess that it went EXACTLY the way they wanted it to...unfortunately it was reported on the news and looks bad so now the spin must begin.

Remember this when you vote. Remember that they will do anything to win and attack all that stand in their way. I'm going to start volunteering at the local Pittsburgh campaign office for Bush/Cheney and as a warning to the Brownshirts of the Democratic party I am armed with my trusty .40 Ruger. ALWAYS. You try this crap while I am there and you'll meet the business end of that Ruger. No apologies.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
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