Just How Badly Is The "October Surprise" Blowing Up In Kerry's Face?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 1:54 PM

Faster than you can said "Holy bat doody BATMAN!"

The "new media" is in high gear countering Kerry and any attempt he and his campaign may try to lie to the American people for political gain. NewsMax is now giving a timeline for the entire episode.

But the fact still remains that according to reports "377 tons (of explosives) remained" at the facility after February 2003. Now, Kerry and his surrogates claim the supplies were "looted" by insurgent. Really? Does John Kerry have any idea how heavy 377 tons of explosives are? Hint: the answer is 377 TONS!

You don't "loot" 377 tons of ANYTHING! You need an organized convoy of flatbeds to get that kind of material out of Dodge.

Baier's report continued:

"If one large truck contains ten tons, U.S. commanders say it's highly unlikely that insurgents managed to take 38 truckloads worth of explosives out of the facility in that time.


And of course do not forget as Bret Baier points out:
"The roads were filled with convoys pushing to Baghdad, clogged with supplies and communications lines stretching all the way back to Kuwait - all being watched closely by unmanned aerial vehicles like the Jointstars and the Predators to protect the troops' rear flank and to spot unusual activity."

What does John Kerry expect us to believe? That Iraqi gophers managed to sneak all 377 tons of explosives out through underground tunnels?

The wheels on the bus are falling off...

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