Kerry asked to stop lying by the Fraternal Order of Police

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 10:06 AM

In case you DIDN'T know, the F.O.P. has thrown their support behind President George W. Bush. Did you know that? Certainly not if you listen to Senator John Kerry tell it or watch the alphabet media. U.S. Newswire is reporting that Chuck Canterbury, the President of the F.O.P. has called on Kerry to STOP saying that he has the support of law enforcement around the United States.

"As the elected leader of the largest organization representing America's Federal, State and local law enforcement officers, I believe it's important to point out yet again that we do not support his candidacy for President," Canterbury said. "And to be perfectly frank, the groups which do support him actually share the same membership rolls and, taken together, probably comprise less than one-quarter of our nation's police officers." (

But since when is a little white lie a problem for John Kerry? I mean, after all he lied through the 2004 presidential debates, he lied for years in the Senate, he lied after returning from Vietnam and he lied while he was in Vietnam. So this is just par for the course for the DNC in terms of candidates.

Who really won the presidential debates? John Kerry claims he did. We'll see on election day Johnie-boy. We will see.

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