Kery Steps In It Again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 8:47 AM

Drudge is now reporting on another Kerry misstep. Yesterday Drudge reported that Kerry jumped on the false reports of newly "missing" weapons in Iraq by saying:

"It is reckless and irresponsible to fail to protect and safeguard one of the largest weapons sites in the country. And by either ignoring these mistakes or being clueless about them, George Bush has failed. He has failed as our commander in chief; he has failed as president."

Quickly pointed out however is that the report is older than and dates to BEFORE our troops rolled into liberate Iraq from Saddam.

A senior Bush official is quoted as catching Kerry in this misstep by saying
"Let me get this straight, are Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards now saying we did not go into Iraq soon enough? We should have invaded and liberated Iraq sooner?"

Absolutely TRUE! So now Kerry's position on the War in Iraq (part of the War on Terror) is apparently it was the wrong war at the wrong time that he voted for but that he voted against the funding for and we should have gone in sooner?

I guess that clarifies his "wrong war" at the "wrong time" comments eh? Apparently Kerry would have us believe that he would have acted faster...even though he also voted against the first Gulf War which had his "dream" coalition. This just even further muddies Kerry's position on where he stand with regards to the War on Terror.

The deeper issue here however is how did the NY Times screw this up and rerun an old story? Do we believe for one second that they did it by accident? Or were they trying to concoct an "October Surprise"?

Because after the whole Jason Blair fiasco and the NY Times getting caught not checking their facts, do we really believe for one second that this is an honest mistake?

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