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Monday, November 01, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:21 PM

The Kerry campaign is still pounding on George Bush giving "Tax Cuts for the Wealthy". It confuses me and I think that it would be informative to let everyone know that me and my wife both got a tax cut from George W. Bush. Our income is under 100,000 combined. She works 1 job and I work my regular job as well as being a small business owner. That's 3 jobs between the two of us.

So are we rich? I don't think so. But John Kerry thinks we are...because all he is doing is deriding President Bush's tax cuts for the rich. I argue that "fact". I was thankful for every penny I didn't have to pay to the Federal Government because it is my money. It's not the government's money.

If anyone else wants to try and claim that I am "rich" or that the government has a right to my money because I make more than a hamburger flipper and work hard go for it.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
I don't doubt your level of income, but how much did you really save? Hmmm?

The problem is, you can't trot off and spend $150+ Bln fighting a war in the wrong place, then also cut people's taxes. You just can't have both. However, this administration blatently panders to the rich and well connected. You may be saving a couple hundred bucks on your taxes.. tops, but those making over $200,000 a year.. the ones who really benefit.. they're saving thousands upon thousands of dollars.
I know it is hard to justify Kerry's bogus claims and his economic ineptitude. I know that you are content to continue parroting the "wrong war" at the "wrong time" mantra and ignore that Saddam Hussein was the one that over 12 years threaten America in both his government sponsored news papers and by paying the families of suicide bombers, that he continually fired on U.S. war planes securing his cooperation with the terms of a cease fire he agreed to but rarely if ever kept, and that it was also Saddam that CBS and other major news organizations linked to terrorist repeatedly throughout the 1990's when their boy Clinton was in the White House.

You can't just come here and make a claim that President Bush "blatently panders to the rich and well connected" and then cite no evidence ... although I know that is stand fair and that you "feel" it is true. However try to be a little more factually accurate.

A look at the facts may startle you from you naive worldview about who actually panders to and receives money from the rich. I have already posted this here once but since you are willfully blind I will post it again for you:

Opensecrets.org's Top Individual Donors reveals that the money went as follows:


Opensecrets.org's OVERALL Top Donors breaks down like this:


And finally opensecrets.org's Donor Demographics shows that of the RICHEST donors ($1,000,000/yr or more) Democrats received 55% of that money.

Now that you have been debunked as to who the rich actually favor let me ask you this. If Kerry raises taxes on those making over $200,000 like my boss how can he afford to hire another employee? See, those "thousands" of dollars my boss and other bosses save can be used for something other than your shallow view that they simply line their own pockets with every dime saved. That money is used to hire more employees you or another relative so that they can make more money…but guess what…they usually have to hire more workers to do that. And the money they save and pay new employees with is spent on durable goods or added to the reserves of banks which is then available for you to use to take out a mortgage and buy a house or a car or invested in stocks so the company you work for can raise money for R&D. OH! THE EVILS OF CAPITAL:ISM!

But you are naive. You think the "rich" are just stuffing that money they got back under a mattress somewhere and doing nothing with it. When in reality that money, even if all it does is sit in a bank account, helps the economy infinitely better than the government deciding to give it to someone that did not earn it. That is unless you are a Marxist and believe the government knows what is best and can run the economy better than private industry.

Yeah...that last option worked well for the Soviets didn't it?

If you want to try again, please, be my guest.
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