Thanksgiving Prayer 2004

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 1:33 PM

Thanksgiving Prayer 2004

Merciful Father we thank you for another year blessed under the grace of your Divine Providence. We thank you for those that you have brought together to be with us this day and share in the bounty of this land. Guide us and bless us with your wisdom even when we are too arrogant to ask for and seek it. Too we pray that you watch over those of your children that have not been able to be with us this day due to other commitments. Watch over those loved ones that are distant from us over the following year and always.

Too we ask that you watch over and bless those that have sacrificed ease and comfort to defend this country both at home and abroad in nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq and are protecting us from those that desire to do your children harm and distort your word and your law to their own benefit and ends. We ask this day and every day that you fill their hearts with your love and their minds with your peace as they face down fear and the evil of this world. Protect them with your word and while we know that you must allow some of these brave men and women to pass into your arms and your grace we ask that you guide the souls of those that will pass on to your arms and love and ease the grief of those that they will leave behind young and old.

We ask that you bless our leaders and the leaders of other nations with your wisdom as well so that they might lead their people with strength not present in mortal man.

And finally as we give thanks this day Lord we pray in your name that you will continue to bless this nation, her people and all freedom loving people of the world and in your name we pray that you will see your people through the coming year.

Laus Deo.

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