Democrats Stuck In Political Quagmire?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:15 PM

Democrats to Delay Rice Confirmation Vote

Now, I know they are probably sore after Ms. Boxer made a complete idiot out of herself but this is quite disturbing. Democratic Leader Harry Reid claims

Democrats would not seek to prevent Rice's confirmation as the nation's top diplomat, and he predicted her approval within a matter of days.
but also says:
There are a number of Democrats not on the committee that want to have a chance to debate her nomination a couple of hours
Sorry, but that just dowsn't make any sense at all...except to a liberal. If you aren't going to block the nomination then why debate it? Is there anything to debate if you aren't going to try to vote against it?

No. The only thing here is maybe to try and get some soundbites.

This is right up there with Senator John Kerry saying Ms. Rice was "absolutely" qualified to be Secretary of State, yet somehow voted against her. If she was "absolutely" qualified, why would you vote against her? Simple. So that he can say that criticism of him as an obstructionist liberal is unfounded by citing his own words where he supports Ms. Rice and then promoting himself as an obstructionist liberal to his base by citing that he voted against her nomination.

Just like voting FOR the $87 billion...before he voted against it.

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