But It Was OK For Clinton Wasn't It?

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 11:06 AM

WorldNet Daily is reporting that Talon News has shutdown temporarily over the "scandal" regarding Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert. As you may recall Gannon was able to get press credentials at the White House and did the unspeakable; he directed a favorable question at President Bush.

OH THE HORROR! The left wing couldn't have that!

Now it has come to light that Jeff Gannon was really a gentleman by the name of Jim Guckert who did something even worse. He ran several sites such as
HotMilitaryStud.com and MilitaryEscorts.com and according to WND also posed as a $200-an-hour male escort. On top of that you have Congressman Hinchey accusing Gannon/Guckert of being involved in a plot with Karl Rove to plant the CBS memos that finally undid Dan Rather's lack luster career.

The final conspiracy theory aside, let's seriously look at the newest sex scandal that the Marxist left wing is now oh so concerned about. I mean, how dare someone have sex or accept sexual favors! Well, unless that person was Bill Clinton doing it on the tax payers dime and cheating on his wife! That is ok. But a male escort who runs a couple porn sites and is a reporter for a conservative publication?!?!?!?! "FRY HIM!" the left wing shouts.

It's really quite funny to watch the Marxist wing of America go nuts over this because they still think that Bill Clinton was persecuted by the right wing over Monica Lewinsky instead of the real reason which was that he committed perjury and denied due process for another citizen. You know, high crimes and misdemeanors?

Clinton was a scumbag for cheating on his wife. He was a criminal for lying under oath.

Jim Guckert is a scumbag for lying and whoring himself out but at least he isn't a criminal for it. He may wind up being a criminal if he lied to get press credentials but it still isn't the sex scandal you have been looking for. Get over it lefties. You still don't get it.

Remember, I am more Libertarian than I am conservative. I don't care if he was screwing livestock for money. It doesn't harm me in any way.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
1st off clinton didn't pay anyone for his escapades, and didn't hire anyone to actlike they are apart of the general press when they were actually a hired gun for Bush. I agree that for the Bush administration this is petty stuff. What with starting a war that has killed over 100,000 people. Have killed 1,500 american soldiers and wounded over 11,000 americans soldiers. Not to mention destroying our economy, and deestroying our civil rights. Bill Clinton was an amateur compared to this monkey.
Nice rhetoric. Who started a war that killed 100,000 people and 1,500 American soldiers? George Bush you say? Typical for the blame America first crowd.

Some facts you chose to ignore as always:
Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
America and her allies kicked him out
Saddam Hussein signed a cease fire agreement to save his ass
Saddam Hussein agreed to certain conditions including disarming and PROVING that he did so
Saddam Hussein fired repeatedly on U.S. warplanes guarding no fly zones in Iraq
Saddam Hussein continually prohibited UN inspectors from proving his claims of disarmament (see UN documents)
Saddam Hussein took money from the oil for food program slated for his people and used it for himself (UN documents again)
Saddam Hussein ignored a final resolution to come clean
George Bush said "enough" and actually finished the war Saddam Hussein started.

So please, put down the Al Franken talking points.

Second of all on the economy (another Marxist talking point) if it is so "destroyed" how come the number of people employed each month in the country is trending upwards? Oh, wait...that's a fact so I am sure you will ignore that too.

Name one civil right that George Bush has helped to destroy as well. I will grant you "free speech" with campaign finance reform which he signed but I want to see if you are as smart as you think you are and come up with some more examples instead of talking points.

Please try again.
No no no don't you get it? eniemeyer is an "enlightened" liberal. He/She only believes that which he/she reads on moveon.org and DU. If eni says that Bush started the war then how dare you question him/her (it?)! Because when the communist revolution comes he/she (it?) will be in charge!

Yeah right.
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