Dean Tries to Paint Republicans As Commies?

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 7:18 PM

Howard Dean is a lunatic. But I am sure that most of you reading this already knew that because for the most part you are intelligent people. Howard Dean has a problem with opening his mouth and just spitting out any words that he thinks will garner him support. Maybe he didn't learn about how that is a bad thing. Perhaps he should call Senator John Kerry and ask him about making flippant and unfounded remarks and where that got him?

Howard Dean's latest comments were directed at Senator Rick Santorum of PA. Dean said of the Senator after saying that he spent most of his time in Virginia and not PA that he was:

"too much of a right-winger for Virginia. How about Venezuela?" Philadephia Inquirer
Say what?

This man continues to lose it. Now he is back onto the old talking points of communists and socialists REALLY being "right-wingers" by saying that Santorum would be a good fit for the budding communist government there?

Give me a break Howard. Listen, I know you lefties REALLY want people to believe that Stalin, Hilter, Mao, and communists and socialists in general are right wing but get real! Do you think the American people are that stupid? Ok, let me rephrase you think that the majority of American people are that stupid? I mean, after all you have kooks at places like Democratic Underground and the "Deaniacs" out there who really are that stupid and believe that tripe.

Let's review shall we?

Conservatives and libertarians = limited AND constitutional government
Socialists and Communists = oppressive AND controlling government

I know, I know you keep trying to trot out the "moderate" Republicans who think that a little bit of socialism is ok and sign on to things like Campaign Finance Reform and Prescription Drug Coverage to try and say that "conservatives" just want to control the people as well. But sadly it just isn't true. Conservatism is about limited government designed to protect your rights. And socialist-lites are NOT "conservatives". So stop with the Conservatives are "NAZIs" or "Commies" rhetoric.

It just doesn't fly.

Dean further went on to talk more double speak saying:
"We are not the pro-abortion party,"
then turning around saying:
"abortion should be safe, legal and rare."
Well which is Howard? Are you not in favor of abortion or are you in favor of abortion? Make up your damn mind!

Someone get me a roll of Glenn Beck's special duct tape before my head explodes!


Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
Oh boy, someone left the door to the loony bin open and he escaped!

I wonder if he knows how silly he looks when he says this kind of thing? Hopefully we never get a point where the majority of Americans are dumb enough to believe it.

What? No post on Schiavo today Jeff? I thought for sure you'd say something!
I've said all that needs to be said up to this point and unless some new evidence that Michael did something to Terri is found. Although I am working on flushing out my "Terri was pregnant with an alien baby" theory to help some on the right explain why there is a conspiracy so vast to cover up what "really" happened.
I'm glad I left the Demo Party in 1999. It's been going to Hell in a handbasket recently
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