Hysteria! Get The Fainting Couch!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 5:31 PM

Yep, I’m talking about Terri Schiavo again even though I promised you that I wouldn’t after my editorial on March 20th. Sue me. I’ve decided to break my promise because of the hysterical emails I have been receiving including the down right nastiness and disingenuousness of those that claim to be conservative or libertarian and are resorting to painting everyone that disagrees with them as a liberal, uncaring or simply uninformed. That includes Quinn, Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck by the way.

I hate to break it to all of you but you know better than that.

I guess it was an expected reaction considering that poll after poll with the question worded in many different ways shows some common themes. Now you know I hate polls because they are notoriously inaccurate but when you see poll after poll with 60-75% of those polled agreeing in such a lopsided manner even I have to stand up and take notice. From disgust over Congressional intervention to agreement that people wouldn’t want to live in the way that Terri is currently the answers are stunningly the same.

If normally reasonable right wingers admit that the polls are true then they have to admit that maybe, just maybe it really was Terri’s wish to not be kept alive this way as well. They are forced to admit that it is not a fringe loon position but a majority opinion. But they don’t want to do that because it hurts their position and because it is easier to say that everyone that disagrees with them are whacked out liberals.

Our national talk show hosts have thus turned to simply justifying these opinions about Terri as “uninformed”. Which I myself find laughable considering that I have been following Terri’s case since before most of them even knew who she was. And let’s not forget, I used to be on the side of keeping her alive against the law.

When I talk to true liberals they refer to Terri in a coma and on various forms of life support that she is not. However when I talk to conservatives I find that they are very much aware of the actual facts of the case even admitting that they have gotten much of their information from the same national talk show hosts that claim that these people are uninformed. If that is true then by correlation it is those conservative talk show hosts that are misinforming the people!

And even after listening to these national hosts conservatives are STILL saying that they would not want to live like Terri and that they disagree with Federal intervention.

Chalk that under things that make you go Hmmmmm.

But let’s make things perfectly clear. I do not want Terri to be “murdered” as many of you have claimed. Yes, I know that many of you that have written to me have claimed otherwise but you are simply ignoring what I said to attempt to make yourself appear right. It is very liberal-esque. I simply want Terri’s wishes and the wishes of her husband (legal under currently law) to be carried out. Did I mention that his wishes are legal?

My problem with this case currently is that Congress does not have the right to violate Article I, Section 8 and stick their nose in because due process rights under the 5th Amendment has been protected by dragging this case through the courts for 15 some odd years. Believe me, due process has been served! But do not think that I do not agree that there have been other options that could be taken to protect Terri IF there were real reason to suspect Michael in some sort of crime.

And those unproven suspicions of Michael which are being bandied about after 15 years are really the only leg conservatives that poo poo opinions other that theirs have clung to like a liberal to a welfare check.

Ok, let’s say that Michael abused his wife. Just for the sake of argument. Heck, even I believe that it is possible.

If there were evidence of such I am sure that Florida has a Department of something or other under the control of the executive branch that Governor Jeb Bush could use to intervene. States remove children, disabled persons and other vulnerable people from abusive households all the time. But it hasn’t been used. Why? Is there no case for it? Were all these claims of abuse found to be fraudulent and not credible? Heck we break down doors and rescue children from parents that abuse them every day in this country and in Florida. So I have to look at the case that there is actual evidence of Michael causing harm to his wife a little bit skeptically.

Gasp! I disagree with you. In the immortal words of The Eagles “get over it!”

With regards to the ordered immediate destruction of Terri’s body by cremation since there is no statute of limitations (that I am aware of anyway) on murder cannot the DA file charges against Michael Schiavo immediately upon her death and have the crime scene sealed and prevent the destruction of evidence? Sure they could; if there were valid claims that is. If Terri’s death even 15 years later is suspected to have resulted from actions of Michael Schiavo then Michael is guilty of murder and that is a completely new case beyond what were or what were not Terri’s last wishes. Why hasn’t the DA and the police stepped in? No evidence beyond accusations perhaps?

The point is that there are so many legal avenues that could be taken, and some have even attempted to have been taken. But here we sit after 15 years; after Congress intervened; after the President intervened; after a NEW Federal judge in Florida intervened; after the Circuit Court of Appeals intervened and we still have one side calling anyone that disagrees with them liberals, and worse.

And as court after court refuses to overturn Judge Greer (perhaps because the facts are correct already and the law is followed) the cries become louder and loud to “save” Terri.

Even the Supreme Court of the United States has refused to review parts of this case in the past and is now going to have it thrown in front of them again by hysterical right wingers that, after they got what they wanted from Congress are STILL shocked that they have not gotten their way. They can’t believe it! They were certain that after Congress and the President violated the Constitution that the federal courts would certainly agree with them. They were certain that something nefarious was going on down in Florida. They were certain! CERTAIN DARN IT!

And now they are sitting around stunned that even the courts that they felt so certainly would agree with them are refusing to overturn the original opinion on this case that came out of Florida. If it were not so serious it would be laughable. If it were left wingers doing these things these same right wingers would be calling for an end to it.

But as time slips away and options fall by the wayside I swear I can hear conservatives fainting as the vapors overcome them. Someone get the fainting couch. There is going to be a lot more of it going on over the next couple days.

God Bless Terri. And it is time to let her go.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
We both have struggled with this issue. I agree with you that something is very wrong with this case but I am not certain where that "wrong" is any more. There have always been state executive branch options available to "save" Terri if indeed there was a compelling interest to do so but only now Gov. Bush is acting?

Something doesn't smell right and it smells like politics.

The hysteria of our fellow right wingers on this issue is rediculous. They are turning into raving DUers over nights.

Some changes in the law need to be made in order to address concerns that have been raised, however those "concerns" have not been proven against Michael Schiavo after 15 years.

I say to the hysterical rw that it is time to prove the allegations. 15 years is a long time.
You're right, the propoganda from everyone in this case is so thick that I have actually lost interest except from the standpoint of how this will effect my own living will which is in writting. I fear that there will be attempts to eventually legislate that even written orders to die in such situations is against the right to life.

My wife is a nurse and she sees families ignore advanced directives and written living wills all the time so I fear that it will only be a matter of time before we are forced to live on life support, feeding tubes and what not just because someone doesn't think we should be allowed to die.

Let Terri go. The law was followed. Don't like the law, work to change it.
I think you are exactly right when you talk about the way the right wing is reacting. My personal beliefs is that it isn't so much the conservatives as it is the "neo-cons" still hanging on to some of the reminants of their liberal, government should do something, ideas.

What has really disappointed me most however is Limbaugh and his vilification of anyone that disagrees with him on this issue. He an other conservatives have turned to the Congressional powers to give courts jurisdiction but they seem to be ignoring the no expost facto law part of Article I Section 8 in order to justify it.

That really makes me sick that conservatives would do exactly what liberals have done for years and that is to misquote the Constitution to suit their own ends.

Get the laws fixed so that we can not have this again, but we are still a nation of laws.
I came to your site accidentially, but found it very good to read. Thanks.
The crucifixion of Terri Schiavo shall not go unpunished!
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