Incompetent At Best!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 12:04 PM

On Tuesday, the investigation into the Oil for Food Scandal continued with investigators concluding that there was insufficient evidence that Kofi Annan interfered with the awarding of contracts to a company that employed his son Kojo (Arizona Daily Sun). Mr. Annan used the report to further bolster his claims that he is still fit to lead the UN answering questions about his possible resignation with a "Hell no."

However Reid Morden formerly of the anadian Security and Intelligence Service who was a member of the investigation said "[Kofi Annan] did not act robustly enough and adequately to bring to light all the things which might bear on at least an apparent conflict" (CBC News)

Other members of the panel also expressed that this report was not a vindication of Kofi Annan and his failure to deal with potential conflicts of interest and then conducting a brief one day investigation into the affair.

What this shows is that Kofi Annan is incompetent at best! And that is not something to be proud of Mr. Annan. It is also important to note that many documents that could have been used to delve deeper into this situation were destroyed. The report accused Annan's former chief of staff, Iqbal Riza, of allowing files to be shreded the day after the day after the U.N. Security Council begrudgingly authorized the Volcker investigation. Incompetence at best I say again!

The report found that Kojo Annan "intentionally deceived" his father (Kofi Annan) and that "serious questions" remained about Kojo's financial involvement with the scandal.

Hey, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you if you believe that Kojo "intentionally deceived" his father about his role with Cotecna (the company at the heart of the scandal). You mean to tell me that Kofi didn't know what his son was doing and who he was working for?

I say again, incompetence at best! I still err on the side of saying that there is much more corruption here than anyone, even the United States, wants to admit to in order to save the failing United Nations.

Tell the United Nations what you think about them!

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Don't know why we have to keep white washing the UN to make it look better and hide its corruption.
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