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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:29 PM

Ok, so Teresa Heinz (and when it is convenient for John, Teresa Heinz-Kerry) never really went away nor did she shut up. After all, it isn’t in her nature. She’s a left winger after all. They like to speak. Even if they know not of what they speak.

Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, here on out to be referred to as “left wing lackey” Joel Connelly, reports on some of her more recent idiocy. Why does Mr. Connelly get the new title of left wing lackey? Because if you read his latest article you see him attacking the journalist who Ms. Heinz told to “shove it” after asking a legitimate question as being “nasty” and further labels the owner of the Tribune-Review as a “right-wing mogul”.

Hey Joel, news flash for you. The question was legitimate and last time I looked the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wasn‘'t hiring people the likes of Jason Blair or Dan Rather. I know you didn’'t like the situation because Teresa was caught on tape taking unsubstantiated shots at the other side and then got upset when questioned calmly about it by a reporter, but hey grow up. So you now get the title of "“left wing lackey”". And unlike you, I am proud to be labeled as “right wing” so try to come up with another put down will you? And don’t try those NAZI or Hitler references either. They are getting old as well.

But back to Ms. Heinz.

Like a good little Marxist she thinks that she is the center of the universe and that anyone that dares to contradict her should not be allowed to speak. Regarding the Catholic Church she said: “"You cannot have bishops in the pulpit - long before or the Sunday before the election - as they did in Catholic churches, saying it was a mortal sin to vote for John Kerry.”"

Gee, you know I am not a huge fan of organized religion being smart enough to read and understand the Bible for myself without being told what to think, but did I miss something here? It is still the "“Catholic church”" and not the "“Teresa Heinz Church"” right? So what do you think, Ms. Heinz, gives you the right to tell the church that you chose to belong to and claim to believe in the teachings of, what to teach?

That’'s quite an inflated ego you have there. But then again we already knew about that ego and the real nastiness that results when you get caught displaying that ego don‘t we?

Further she opined, “The church has a right and obligation to teach values,” but also “They don’t have a right to restrict freedom of expression, which they did.”

This is typical Marxists double speak. She says that the church has the right to teach values of which respecting life would be one and then in the same breath claims that their right to do this some how restricted freedom of expression? What? The Catholic church was standing outside its doors with guns threatening to shoot anyone that disagreed with the church? I missed that story!

Exactly how did the church restrict freedom Ms. Heinz? Oh, that’s right, they said you and your husband were wrong! How dare they! After all, you are all powerful and omnipotent right? Gee, maybe since you are omnipotent they should open a church for people to worship you then!

Hmmmm. But that would seem to contradict that commandment from God that says something about having no other god before Him eh? Not much of a “practicing” Catholic are you?

Hey Teresa, you and Johnie-boy lost in 2004 and you’ll lose in 2008 too if he decides to run. Just keep opening your mouth and you will keep sealing your fate as being a historically irrelevant and bitter woman that lived off of your late husband’s wealth and hard work.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
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