Showdown at the Mexican Border?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:39 AM

The Washington Times is reporting that members of Mara Salvatrucha (a violent Central American Gang) are set to clash with protestors at the U.S./Mexican border in Arizona. James Gilchrist, an organizer of the protest against Mexico's support for illegal immigration claimed to have been told this.

Mr. Gilchrist also confirmed that the "minutemen" who will be patrolling the border may indeed be armed. While not with rifles, he did say that those with permits may indeed be carrying pistols to defend themselves against such attacks. This sets up a potential showdown between the protestors and the members of Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13) if they choose to make good on their threats. It also would put U.S. border agents that have shown a lack of ability to handle the illegal immigration problem over the years in the middle of any potential conflict.

The question is will MS-13 have the courage to show up? Gangs are notoriously cowardly when faced down by superior forces and many of Mr. Gilchrist's protestors are highly trained, former military. Gang members often talk a good fight, but when the law rolls down the streets they scatter like mice.

I think that MS-13 knows what a violent show down means and that they would be incredibly stupid to even go that far. A showdown and possibly a dead American or two would destroy any future hopes for their enterprise which is trafficking in illegal aliens. Remember 9/11? We aren't taking crap from no foreign terrorists anymore. And that is exactly what they are; terrorists.

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