Liberals Are Going Nuts In Indiana!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 8:41 PM

Because Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana is leaning towards a signing a bill passed by the legislature that would require photo IDs to vote. Democrats are of course reportedly strongly against this measure according to By Deanna Wrenn of the Associated Press.

Democratic Sen. Larry Lutz mused "We should be doing all that we can to encourage people to vote. Why should we put this additional burden on Hoosier voters?"

Gee, um let's see there Mr. Lutz. How about to make certain that people are who they say they are? No, no, no that is far to practical.

The Bill's sponsor Republican Sen. Victor Heinold made the point. "I want everyone in this state to have the right to vote -- one time," he said.

Identifying those that show up to vote and verifying that they are who they say they are is of the utmost importance to the safety and longevity of this Republic. The key here is to make certain that the ability to have a photo ID is open to all. If that means that the state must create a new form of photo ID other than driver's licenses for those that do not drive then so be it. But as usual the left is already in attack mode here trying to protect their vote early and vote often campaign strategy instead of protecting America from fraud.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
Safty and logevity of this Republic? It will be dead with this bill. Since when do we put safty ahead of basic voters rights? We are safe!!! Have you gotten mugged at a polling place? The right to vote unempeded by state or local agencies is a necessity to the logevity of any "republic"
Always with those that don't have the best interests of this nation at heart is the half truth.

Your final sentence should (if you really cared about the "republic") read:

"The right *of legal voters* to vote unempeded by state or local agencies is a necessity to the logevity of any "republic"."

Nice try ... on second thought it wasn't really.
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