Who Is The REAL Pig At The Pump

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 7:43 PM


If you said the bureaucrats, give yourself a cookie! Follow the above link and you will see that in California on April 4, 2005 $0.51 of EVERY gallon went not to the big bad Oil Companies but to your State, local and Federal governments.

Got a 16 gallon tank? Got a retail price of $2.46/gallon? That means that of the $39.36 you just paid to fill up, $8.16 just went to your loving and caring government.

Now, if that doesn't get you hopping made then either you are a big government left winger or a bureaucrat yourself. You think the government wants you driving more "fuel efficient" vehicles? You think the government wants you to get twice as many gallons on half as much gasoline? Yeah, and how do you think they will make up for the short fall in their coffers?

If you said raise your taxes, give yourself another cookie.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
"Big government left winger"? Which party is the majority of "Big Government"? That would be the republican party, hardly left wing. Is it just a coincedence that the executive brance is made up of ex-Big Oil executives? It's not the left that's getting rich off of high oil prices, it's the oil companies with big friends in high places.
And what shortfall in the coffers? The defiecent is smaller because tax revenues are increasing. Check out your facts.
"Check out your facts."

You are deluded. First of all you are comparing a political party to a political ideology (ie left wing to Republican Party).

I have often said (if you had ever bothered to read this site) that the Republican party is not a friend to smaller government). So perhaps you are the one that needs to get your "facts" first.

The right wing does not however believe in large and unconstitutional government such as social security, medicare, farm subsidies, etc.

So before you come back here and make another fool out of yourself I suggest learning of what you write. And at least try to actaully address the post in question next time which talks about how as fuel consumption decreases there is a need to make up for the tax shortfall from the federal and state taxes to maintain that unconstitutional government.

Two posts so far ... and not a good one yet.
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