The Vile Rich by Jeff Jackson 10/13/03

Once again it has come to light that many people in this country are out to destroy the very fabric and well being of our society through greed and an unhealthy desire to make money on the backs of the little people!  The rich are sucking the life blood out of this country by convincing government and duping the people into beleiving that they actually help this country rather than hinder it by their incessant desire to gain more and more while leaving us with less and less by refusing to pay taxes and not allowing the all knowing and all caring and ultra efficient federal government to use this money and redistribute this wealth to the places where they see it as best put to use.

After all what has the money of the rich ever done for us; the common man?  If we give the rich a tax break surely they will just stick that money under their mattress and horde it, counting it like the greedy misers they are.  There is no way in Hell that they would take that money and use the same practices previously used by themselves to make more money.  Right?  And even if they did take that money and attempt to make more money off of it we all know damn well that they would be the only one's to benefit from the the process.

I mean these greedy rich people would take that money and buy low interest bearing but garanteed government bonds to finance supplimental public works projects or other local endeavors that provide jobs for contractors, union and non-union laborers, draftsmen engineers, and ... !?!

I mean these greedy rich people would think to take that money put it in secured and insured accounts at banks and thus allow the banks to increase their available disposable cash reserves to provide money for us little guys to become home owners, obtain small business loans to start a company, or ...

I mean certainly these vile rich would buy stocks in the market and thus help promote the value of the companies we work for, spur investment, create the funding for new projects and more work, allow businesses to expand and create jobs, conduct research on new life saving drugs, or ....

Surely they will just go out and build a factory somewhere to produce a product designed to make them tons of cash and then be forced to employ workers and provide jobs that allow men and women to support their families and earn an honest living, and ...

Well, certainly the rich would just take the money and buy a new $50,000 sports car or a $4 million home somewhere and thus create more work for contractors, laborers, the building materials industry, a higher demand and usage of electricity, natural gas, and oil which would provide more jobs for those industries and ...

I know, surely the rich would just use the money to go out and drill for oil in Alaska to fatten their own wallets while seeking to destroy pristine environments and hence require the use of labor for the contruction of miles of new pipelines, more work and potentially new jobs maintaining the oil feilds, greater supplies of resources and lower prices for fuel ...

Absolutely, possitively these rich people would just run out and waste their money on works of art and other pointless objects just because they liked the way that it looks and thus provide an income for the artisans that made it to support their families, and ...

Most certainly the rich would just take that money and invest in overseas businesses able to make products cheaper than here in the United States and sell them to us, the consumer, at a lower cost, saving us money and ...

I know.  Certainly these rich bastards would just take the money and give it to charities and non-profit organizations that return a higher percentage of such money to the people that need it than the government ever has been able to ...

Certainly the only thing that they are going to do is stick in under the matress.  That's it.  That's all they ever do with it!  And what good has that ever done for America!  They'll stick it under the matress and screw us all!

Final Note:

It is those that desire to convince Americans however that the rich are not entitled to the money that they earned through hard work, investment, speculation, and what have you that are the ones harming America.  These are the people that decry the "rich", a term often loosely defined and hard to pin down, as greedy S.O.B.s that do nothing all day except scheme and plot methods of sticking it to the "little guy" in order to further their own gains and wealth.  For afterall money is evil in their minds and nothing good has ever come from the accumulation of wealth in the hands of private citizens and those that actually work hard, invest wisely or *gasp* heaven forbid, get a little lucky.

And God herself forbid that we should ever suggest that the rich get to keep more of their own money through tax cuts.

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