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Truth Alerts!

Truth Alerts are blurbs of TRUTH to shed light on the lies told to get us in order to make us think certain things that are not true are in fact true.

The U.S. Constitution DOES refer to God and Jesus Christ

(August 10, 2005)

The "Right Wing" Court DID NOT Vote In Favor of Destroying Property Rights

(August 1, 2005)

George Bush has not "lost" American Jobs

(August 11, 2004)

"Unilateral" Action in Iraq

(June 1, 2004)
Ted Kennedy Admits Iraq had WMDs
(May 23, 2004)
President Bush NEVER said Iraq was an "imminent" threat
(April 30, 2004)

Under God Hoax

(April 23, 2004)

Gun "Violence" And Children

(April 23, 2004)

American "Poor"

(April 23, 2004)

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