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Truth Alert: Gun "Violence"

(April 23, 2003)

When the "million moms" marched in Washington (which was actually a couple thousand and NOT anywhere close to a million) they parroted the message that we NEED more gun control because guns kill people and worst of all out kids.

So lets look at that shall we?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Vital Statistics Reports Vol 52, No. 3, September 18, 2003 pg 30-34 nation wide in 2001 there 11,348 instances of firearm related fatalities from assualts.  Among children under 1 year, there were 11.  Among children between 1 and 4 there were 55.  Among children aged 5-14 there were 180.  The next category is "15-24" which includes some children, but also adults and consisted of 4,200 firearm assualt related fatalities.  Since the data for this category is skewed (although many include it as "children") we will focus our attentions on "children" ages 0 to14.

As an additional note, accidental discharge of a firearm accoounted for an additional 72 fatalities among "children".

As we can see, clearly children under the age of 15 are NOT victims of deadly and rampant gun violence.  In fact in 2001 there were only 246 such incidents out of 11,348 or 2% of the total.  Traggic for sure, but not rampant and out of control.

Let us contrast that to some other causes of death for children under 15 shall we?
  1. Accidental drownings (pg 33 of the CDC report) accounted for 859 fatalities of "children" that year.  This is 349% MORE than gun violence.
  2. Exposure to smoke, fire and flames (pg 33 of the CDC report) accounted for 527 fatalities of "children" that year.  This is 214% MORE than gun violence.
  3. Motor vehicle accidents (pg 32 of the CDC report) accounted for 2,456 fatalities of "children" that year.  This is 998% MORE than gun violence.
But the "million" moms picked guns as their whipping boy.  Of course, because they LIKE going to the pool or the beach, and driving in their SUVs and minivans.  But they DON'T like guns.  So that makes guns evil and the greatest menace to our "children" and must be legislated out of existance.

Remember, any time a child dies either by accident or by the shameless act of another with no regards for human life it is traggic.  But we DO live in the United States and we DO have certain rights.  And an accident here and there is no reason to throw away the rights that keep us free.

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