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Truth Alert: Pepsi "Under God" Hoax

(April 23, 2003)

The hoax has its origins surrounding a can produced by Dr. Pepper (not even owned by Pepsico) following the September 11th, 2001 terrorists attacks.  The can bore the words:
Dr. Pepper Pepsi hoax under god pledge of allegiance

Dr. Pepper's web site even contains a statement concerning this can in which they give their reasons for using just 3 words from the pledge along with the statue of liberty.  In it they explain: "The special packaging was designed to reflect our pride in this country's determination to stand together as one.  The Statue of Liberty and Pledge of Allegiance were chosen as two of the greatest symbols of American freedom. Only three words were used from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those three words were in concert with the patriotic mood of the nation."

This explanation is accurate and believable and so far no credible evidence has been put forth to show that the lack of the phrase "Under God" or even any other part of the pledge was the result of a sinister intent.  Pepsi has no plans for a similar can at this time and boycotting Pepsi for this hoax isn't going to do anything because, well, ITS A HOAX!

In the age of the internet, these issues are easily discovered although one may have to wade past all the black helicopter conspiracy pages which seem to migrate to the top of our searches to find the truth.  But please at least try to verify these things.  I know your buddy sent it to you but he is just sending it to you because his buddy sent it to him and so forth.

Be smart.  Don't over react.

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