We Do Not Need The French by Jeff Jackson (1/28/03)
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We don't need the French.  We don't need the Germans.

Who cares what either of these two countries think about the situation with Iraq?  Neither of these two countries have proven to be any sort of military or intellectual powerhouse for how many years?  What was the last major military action the French took to uphold their own independence and way of life?  (Note: Ann Coulter commented on Hannity and Colmes that it was putting the jews back on the trains to Germany and I need to check to see if that is indeed true) What was the last one for the Germans?  I don't know but I would hazard to guess it was blitzing tanks across Europe back in W.W.II.

When Bosnia was a hot bed of activity in their back yard, they couldn't get us in there fast enough to deal with a problem that they ignored until it was too late.  Now that the US was hit and we seek the same right to deal with a problem, certain sects of European society balk.  But only certain ones.

To hear the "main stream" media speak of it, without France, Germany, Russia or China we have nothing; not even a collation.  All of these also, by the way, have dealings with Iraq and a monetary desire to keep the status quo.

What you don't hear them say is that along with the US, we have the support of Italy, Spain, the UK, Poland, Qatar, Kuwait, Israel, and Australia.  Hey, maybe someone should tell each of these countries that the US media thinks they are insignificant and a bunch of nobodies.  I don't know but I don't think I would want to piss off the Israeli and Australian special forces THAT MUCH!

So what if the French, Germans, Russians and Chinese don't approve?

Where in our Constitution is it stated that we MUST get the approval of the UN before we can act in what we perceive as our best interest.  Note, I know that YOU may not agree with what is our best interest, but in reality you don't count.  The US Government elected by the people of this country do.  What is incredibly mind numbing is how even members of our our government seem to think we need to go to the UN.

I tell you what.  You show me where in the US Constitution we are commanded to go through the UN to protect ourselves and you can continue this argument.  Until that time I would suggest sitting down, zipping your lips, and enjoying the freedom provided by those men and women who have FREELY signed up to protect this nation.  Because without such a show of the passage from the Constitution you can not argue that we must go through an organization comprised of far too many Socialist Dictators and Tin Horned Despots.

Don't get me wrong.  I would LOVE to be able to get complete support from EVERYONE before we make Iraq a parking lot.  But realistically I know that that will never be possible.  We can't even get four people to agree as to what toppings to get on their pizza, much less expect those with radically different political views and systems to agree.

The UN has degraded to nothing more than what was once the League of Nations.  Anyone remember that?  Maybe I'll give you a history lesson on that next month.  So let's all bow to the whim of the UN.

Yeah, the UN.  The same organization that placed Libya in charge of its Human Rights commission.  Boy I bet you sleep better at night knowing  Libya's looking out for your well being eh?

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